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Bierhoff Pisani

I was quite amazed when I saw the video about the product, and I was more excited when I got the product! It is a very unusual toothbrush and it has different cool features, such as the position detection feature and that it changes the vibrations to indicate to change sides of the mouth. It is great that you can also customise your brushing, by changing the colour of the toothbrush and also changing the brush heads and also selecting the brush for whiting etc. It has never been easier and efficient to brush my teeth!

Raluca Juverdeanu

I used the product and i was amazed by the lovely smell and its persistence. At first I was a bit reticent, but by testing it for several days I immediately changed my opinion. Even my husband felt a pleasant difference in the closet. We will remain loyal to this product. My friends also tested it and together we will continue to buy it. We will remain faithful to this new innovation. Thank you for your chance to test this product.

Mitran Oana

I used it with pleasure. I like the smell, but most of all i like its efficiency in cold water. I used a small amount from the bottle received, although it's been almost a month since I got the kit. In the future I will still prefer this brand, although I had previously tested some Fairy products purchased from the store. It is very useful for my mother because cooking a lot in the household she has to wash lots of plates. I enjoyed the kit I received and I recommended to everyone, as I could share samples of detergent with my friends.

Veronica Alexandrova

I am very satisfied with a new Maybelline The Colossal Big Shot. It was a positive experience, even more than that. The mascara is super: eyelashes with volume didn’t allow my close ones to stay indifferent. The price is affordable and packaging is nice, bright, it attracts attention. Eyelashes have volume, there are no clumps, eyelashes don’t glue to each other, it colours them right from the bottom and doesn’t make them heavy. It washes off easyly. I recommend everybody who likes magnificent eyelashes to try Maybelline mascara.

Irina Gorbacheva

Great shorts-diapers, 6 bright and nice designs. And the most important is that my daughter likes it: she was glad to wear them, she liked the animals. The quality is great, nothing rubbed, there was no irritation, it is easy to put on them and take off, though our lady is very active, and it is a problem usually to change a diaper, comfortable sticky ribbon – it is comfortable to roll them after using.