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Gender women and men
Promo period July 2022-August 2022
Age 0-0 years old


Feeling good is trainable

Start feeling better now! After using the Microshift app for 2-3 minutes you can directly experience a shift in your mood and well-being. It´s not magic, it is science and it works!


The Microshift app uses neuroscience to help you access and engage key areas of your brain. Many users turn to the Microshift app every time they start feeling bad. Our simple and effective method can help you quickly shift into a better state of being, focus on what matters most for you, and help you achieve your goals. 


"Microshift helps me reclaim my focus multiple times a day. Thanks to this, I can take action on what is most important for me."

/ Viktor N. - Investor / Entrepreneur


“Microshift catches me at 200km/h speed, helps me to de-stress, re-focus, and do what matters most, not what screams loudest. It’s amazing how just 2-3 minutes of microshifting can have such a huge impact on my day! I´m hooked.” 


/Karolina L. - Founder & CEO


Microshift catches you before you fall into a spiral of negativity and frustration. It´s your valuable daily companion that keeps you on track and helps you to feel better more often. Use the Microshift app in the morning to prepare for your day, in the afternoon to re-rail and stay focused, and in the evening to destress and reflect on your day. It only takes a few minutes to shift into feeling and being better!


This July you can join the Microshift movement for FREE and take small steps that can make a huge positive impact on your life. 


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