I have became a promo campaign participant. What my next steps should be, and how I should report at the end of the campaign?

Congratulations! Now you have to test the new product and share your honest opinion about it with other people. Upon confirmation of your participation you will be contacted by Buzzaar operator who will describe in detail what you need to do. In the buzz-kit you will also find all the necessary instructions for actions. In order to complete reporting, you will need to fill out an agent report on the website, make reviews of the product on social networks pages, and sometimes - in the special sites.

How to write a review about a product in a social network?

You need to tell about the product and its properties as detailed and interesting as possible, as well as about a result of your participation in the campaign and testing this new product, recommend the product to your friends, if you liked it. Attach to the publication your photos with the product, with your friends, whom you handed over gifts, from the buzz-party if its holding was agreed by the campaign rules, and publish in an open access for everyone. Congrats, your review is ready!

What should I do with the samples (samples of the product for friends) and where shuld I post photos with them?

According to the campaign rules you should definitely distribute all gift kits among your friends and take pictures of friends with gifts. These photos you must attach to your review in social networks and on website.

What the "report of an agent - Buzzaar campaign participant» is?

Agents report is your honest opinion about the product, confirmed by photographs.

I can not find on the site where I have to fill out a report.

After getting the buzz-kit you will receive an email with a detailed description of actions and links, following which you will get to a campaign page, where you will need to publish a report. Look for the "Fill in the report" button.

What would happen if I did not send a report and make no posts in social networks?

After reminding, your account of a Buzzaar agent will get into the black list and will be blocked. Within some campaigns (in which you test expensive products) you will need to return the product. Unfortunately, after that you will not be able to take part in Buzzaar promos.

Why can not I just send my report and photos to your e-mail ?

Becoming a campaign agent, you have familiarized with the participation rules, according to which you should publish reports by yourself on the website, as well as in social networks. Buzzaar Agents are active opinion leaders, whose honest reports are trusted by people. That is why it is so important that the publication goes on your behalf.

Why is it important to follow agent reporting - publish a post on social networks, fill out the agent report, etc.?

Agent's reporting is a key stage of any campaign and it is very important to us. Exactly thanks to your activity at this stage, we understand if you liked the product, whether you intend to recommend it to friends. Exactly this is the essence of any campaign.


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