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Before using the website (hereinafter referred to as the Website) and regularly in the course of using the Website, we ask you to read carefully these Rules for the use of the Website (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) and Privacy and Cookies Policy for you to be fully informed of their provisions.

By using the Website (viewing, reading the text, sending or downloading information), you unconditionally agree to the Rules in the version as of the date of Website using by you.

This Website is the property of Buzzaar Holding Limited (registration number С 72770, location address: Vincenty Buildings, 28/19 (office 1707), Strait Street, Valletta, VLT 1432, the Republic of Malta). All exclusive rights to the keeping, management and maintenance of the Website are owned by Buzzaar Holding Limited, but can be granted to the third parties on the basis of the license agreement, however, in this case, these Rules remain valid in relations with such third parties. For the purposes of these Rules interpretation, Buzzaar Holding Limited and above-mentioned third parties shall be jointly and individually named “Buzzaar”. The term “Campaign Organizer” is also used in these Rules. It means the entity specified in the rules of the specific campaign as its organizer.

The Website is the Internet resource created for the purpose of familiarizing its visitors with conducted marketing events aimed at the study of the consumer behavior and/or promotion of the third party products and services (hereinafter referred to as Campaigns), ensuring the possibility of the participation of registered users of the Website in such marketing events, marketing activities in various forms.


All copyrights and other intellectual property rights in respect of the intellectual property items (not limited to: works of art, graphics, photos, texts, video and audio clips, trademarks, logos) that make up the content of this Website belong to Buzzaar or the third parties, with which Buzzaar and/or the Campaign Organizer have contractual relations, are protected by copyright in accordance with the applicable law.

Although you may copy any part of the Website to your computer for the personal use, you may not copy or include any part of the content of this Website for use for any other purpose, including your own Website, or use the content for any other public or commercial purpose. This means that you are not entitled to post or redistribute any part of our Website, if you do not have our license to perform such actions. This also means that Buzzaar Company retains its absolute ownership of the entire content of the Website, including any downloadable software or codes, any images included into software or produced by it, as well as all related data. You shall not copy, modify, reproduce, download, transfer, distribute, create a similar design, disassemble or otherwise convert the Website content into another form.

You are not entitled to change any notices related copyrights, trademarks or other marks that may be used with the Website content. It is permitted to create a link to the start page of our Website, but we ask you not to use our content on your website.

Registration on the Website

To become a user of the Website with the opportunity to participate in campaigns, you should register on the Website, agreeing to these Rules. You can use the Website using login credentials of your account in social networks, or or using the login and password. Data you use to access the Website are personal and may not be transferred to others. You are obliged to keep to the confidentiality of these data, because their joint use forms your digital signature. The fact of performing any action on the Website upon entering the Website by you as a registered user is recognized with the electronic document equivalent to a paper document signed by your own handwritten signature because this signature is made using the login and password and confirms the fact of the formation of an electronic signature by a certain person. Upon the registration on the Website, you gain the permanent access to the Website and become the user of the Website.

Only persons over 18 years are allowed to visit and/or use the Website. Certain pages of the Website, dedicated to specific campaigns, are permitted to be visited or used by persons whose age is specified in the rules of this campaign. By accepting these Rules, registering on the Website, using or visiting the Website, you represent and warrant that you are not younger than 18 (or other age specified in the campaign rules), that you have obtained the permit for legal representatives (if required), and also that you have the right and can adhere to the terms of these Rules for use.

When registering on the Website, you undertake to provide reliable information, including personal data, and you are solely responsible for the authenticity of the information provided. You will be included to the Website database from the moment of your registration on the Website. This means that you will receive information and invitations to participate in campaigns conducted on the Website, including information and invitations that can only be addressed to a specific category of persons, if you have provided information about your belonging to this category of persons. You are solely responsible for obtaining information that can be obtained only by a certain category of persons, if you do not belong to this category of persons but have received it as the result of providing false information.

By registering on the Website, you give Buzzaar and the Campaign Organizer the right to send you information, including of advertising nature, via electronic communication or other means (including e-mail, mail, sms, mms). You can at any time request to stop sending such information to you by following “Opt-out of the email subscription" link in the letter received by you.

Participation in campaigns

To become a participant of the specific campaign on the Website, you need to apply for the participation on the page of this campaign, familiarize yourself with the rules of this campaign and comply with the mandatory requirements specified therein.

The Campaign Organizer takes the decision on your participation in the campaign in accordance with the rules of its conduction.

There is a rule for all the campaigns that does not allow participating in testing of similar products of different brands. For example, if you were or are a participant of the campaign in the “Toothpastes" category, you cannot be approved for the participation in the campaign from the same category of another brand.

If you have any restriction on the participation in the campaign (for example, according to medical indications), you shall refrain from the participation in the specific campaign, otherwise Buzzaar and the Campaign Organizer will under no circumstances bear responsibility for the consequences of your decision regarding the participation in the campaign.

Your content on the Website

By registering on the Website and continuing using the Website, you provide Buzzaar with information, text, photos, videos and other materials (hereinafter referred to as "Your Content") that are or may be intellectual property items. You can read about the use of your information in more detail in the Privacy and Cookies Policy.

Please note that by uploading Your Content to the Website, you gratuitously transfer (alienate) to Buzzaar Holding Limited all exclusive rights to the use and disposal of Your Content in full, including, but not limited to, the right to its publishing, reproduction and processing.

Please also note that by uploading to the Website content that shows your image or images of other people you provide your consent to the gratuitous use of your image by Buzzaar and also guarantee that you have obtained consents of these people for the gratuitous use of their images by Buzzaar.

By uploading Your Content to the Website, you warrant that you are the author or copyright holder, that you have obtained all permissions associated with the personal non-property rights to Your Content from third parties, and that the use of Your Content by Buzzaar and Campaign Organizer does not violate the rights of the third parties.

Before uploading Your Content to the Website, make sure that you have the appropriate rights to that.

In case of finding facts of the violation of the third party rights, including rights to the results of the intellectual activity, you fully incur responsibility associated with such a violation in accordance with the current legislation and undertake to take immediate actions upon the receipt of the notice from the Buzzaar Company or Campaign Organizer to settle disputes with the third parties and fully compensate incurred losses to the Buzzaar Company and Campaign Organizer.

You warrant that you have paid in full all the remunerations that are due or may be due to the authors/copyright holders of Your Content uploaded, and also guarantee that upon the transfer (alienation) of the exclusive right to Your Content, no obligations on the payment of any sums of money to their authors/copyright holders will occur for Buzzaar and/or the Campaign Organizer.

Alienation of rights to reports within the frameworks of the participation in campaigns

If you have become the campaign participant and agreed with its rules, then in the process of participation you will need to inform Buzzaar and the Campaign Organizer about your experience of using the product, as well as provide photos/videos and text materials on the use of the product, links to the publication of such materials in social networks (hereinafter referred to as the Report).

Please note that by filling the report on the Website, you gratuitously transfer (alienate) to Buzzaar Holding Limited all exclusive rights in full to the use and disposal of:

text, photo, video materials which you directly upload to the Website;

text, photo, video materials that you have published in social networks and links to which you have included to the report.

You transfer to Buzzaar exclusive rights to the report in full for the entire validity period of exclusive rights and on the territories of all countries of the world. The exclusive rights to the report pass to Buzzaar from the time of filling the report on the Website by you. The transfer of the exclusive rights to the report in full to Buzzaar means the right of Buzzaar to use the report in any way which does not contravene the law, as well as the right to dispose of it. Buzzaar is entitled to use the report either without the indication of the author or with the indication of the author.

You warrant that you are the author of the report, including all text, photo and video materials, and/or have acquired all necessary rights to them and received all permissions associated with personal non-property rights to them from the third parties, and that the use of the report by Buzzaar does not violate and will not violate your rights or any rights of third parties (including copyrights and related rights, as well as rights to means of individualization and personal non-property rights).

You warrant that all remunerations that are due or may be due to the authors/copyright holders of the report have been paid in full and that upon the transfer (alienation) of the exclusive rights to the report, no obligations on the payment of any sums of money to authors/copyright holders will occur for Buzzaar.

Please note that the alienation of the rights to the reports is a compulsory condition for your participation in the campaigns on the Website. If you do not agree with this provision, refrain from participating in campaigns on the Website. Remember that your participation in the campaign is voluntary.


Although this Website may refer to the third party products or services or offer links to the websites with the third party information, we do not take upon ourselves any obligations, do not make any representations or warranties in relation to them, including regarding their safety and compliance with the requirements of the applicable legislative norms. Any links to other sites are provided exclusively for your convenience. You shall independently make decisions on the products, services and websites of the third parties. Before providing any personal data to them, we recommend you to familiarize yourself with the terms of use of such websites. External websites may contain information with which we disagree. References or links to other websites on our Website are provided for informational purposes only.

Buzzaar and Campaign organizer bear no responsibility associated with the use of such websites by you and for the accuracy of information provided by external websites as well as for the safety of their use. You acknowledge and agree that we bear no responsibility or obligations, direct or indirect, in case of any real or supposed loss or damage resulting from or arising out of the use or as the result of the use of information, goods or services available on any of these websites. Access to such websites is performed at your own risk.

Limitation of liability

Neither Buzzaar nor the Campaign Organizer, nor their third parties, nor any person who have helped to develop, create, produce or publish the content of this Website, is liable for any losses, lost profits, short-received income, etc. in connection with your use of this Website or your inability to use this Website, even in case of a warning about the possibility of such losses, unless such liability cannot be legitimately excluded. These provisions are applied to errors, omissions, interruptions, malfunctions, delays, computer viruses, loss of profit or information by you, unauthorized access or interruption of your sending or your information and other material or non-material damage.

This limitation of liability is applied irrespective of whether the losses are recovered on the basis of the terms of the agreement as a result of negligence or on any other grounds arising from the use, inability to use or provision of information, services, products or materials available on this Website, and even if Buzzaar or the Campaign organizer have exhibited negligence or were warned about the likelihood of such losses. Buzzaar is entitled, at any time, without further notice, expand, modify, suspend or completely close the Website or any part of it and shall not be liable for that.

The responsibility associated with the use of the Website by you is borne by you. We make reasonable efforts in order to provide the Website with accurate information, but we do not guarantee such accuracy and do not make any assurances regarding the use or results of the use of any part of the content of this Website in terms of the accuracy, reliability or any other aspects.

Although we reserve the right to delete any advertisements or any other information that we believe may be offensive or undesirable for any other reason, we are not responsible neither for any materials posted by any user, nor for any kind and nature of information, contained on any websites accessed by links.

By using the Website, you agree to the fact that Buzzaar or the Campaign Organizer are not responsible and liable for any defamatory, offensive, infringing rights or illegal behaviour of any other visitors to this Website or any other third parties.

Please note that you are solely responsible for maintaining and using your account and password, even if this is performed without your permission. Be sure to notify Buzzaar of any unauthorized use of your account and password.

In case of breach of these Rules by you, Buzzaar has the exclusive right to suspend or terminate the actions of the user/participant within the frameworks of the Website, delete the account, profile, as well as in case of difficulties in identifying the information provided by the user within the Website.

Your access to the Website also can be blocked in the following cases:

you have ceased to comply with any of the conditions, keeping to which is required to have the access the Website;

violation of the Rules for use, in particular if you post on the Website information of an obscene, defamatory, detractive or offensive nature;

you have addressed to us with the request to close your access to the Website.

Buzzaar reserves the right to refuse from the registration of a new user without an explanation of reasons for that.


If any provision of these Rules or the Privacy and Cookies Policy appears to be invalid, illegal or its use is impossible for any reason, such a provision shall be considered separately and shall not affect the validity and applicability of any other provisions.

We reserve the right to amend these Rules unilaterally, at any time and without the prior notice. These Rules are open and enter into force upon their publication in the section Terms for Use on the Website. Buzzaar recommends you regularly review the Rules for their changes. If you do not agree to changes in the Rules or the Privacy and Cookies Policy, you shall stop using the Website.

BUZZAAR Company reserves the right to pursue any remedy in accordance with the law or based on the equity law in case of the violation of these Rules or the Privacy and Cookies Policy. These Rules and the Privacy and Cookies Policy are regulated by the applicable law. You irrevocably agree with the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located in the state – the location of the person to whom the claim/dispute is addressed.

Buzzaar and Campaign Organizer carry out their activities in different countries all over the world and keep to the laws of the respective jurisdictions in which they carry out their activities. If any materials on this Website or your use of this Website violate the laws of the jurisdiction in which you are in the moment of the access to the Website, the Website is not intended for you, and you cannot use the Website. You are responsible for obtaining information by you about the laws of the jurisdiction in which you are located and for complying with the laws of such a jurisdiction.

PRIVACY POLICY and cookie rules

Present Privacy policy and cookie rules (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) were accepted in Buzzaar Holding Limited (registration number С 72770, address: Wincenty Buildings, 28/19 (office 1707) Streit str., Valletta, VLT 1432, Republic of Malta), and also in other companies*, which manage web-site (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”) on a designated area and/or take part in organizing and holding promotion, request for participating in which you have submitted (hereinafter referred together or each company separately to as Buzzaar).

The present Policy describes types of information collected by Buzzaar and principles of using it and granting.

Before using the Site, and also regularly during using the Site, we ask you to become acquainted with the present Policy so you would be informed exactly on its terms and conditions. While using the Site (viewing, reading text, sending or downloading information) and submitting your personal data, you agree with present Policy and agree for processing your personal data according to the Policy. In case you do not agree with the Policy you must stop visiting and using the Site.

1. Buzzaar gathers following information

Information which we receive as a result of you using the Site.

You can visit and view any pages of the Site without opening any information about yourself. In this case Buzzaar gethers only access data, which do not allow to make any conclusions concerning your personality.

In case if you did not enter as a registered user of the Site, then Buzzaar will be able to collect your personal data only if you decide voluntarily to disclose it. For example, if you use follow-up form on the Site and write your e-mail. In this case, Buzzaar will use such personal data only for providing you with expected services, for example, answering your questions, which were sent through follow-up service on the Site.

In case if you enter as a registered user of the Site, then Buzzaar will collect following data: date and time of entering to the Site, country, language, following link to the Site and also information which you submit voluntarily.

You have an opportunity to participate in researches hold by Buzzaar and submit voluntarily your personal data and information on your interests. Your participation in such researches is voluntarily and you decide by yourself the volume of data informed to Buzzaar.

Information, which you submit during registration on the Site.

In order to use services of the Site and have an opportunity to take part in promotions you have to register on the Site as a user and create your account.

With this purpose you must submit following information:


Last name,

Date of birth,


Country and City of residence,

Contact phone number,



Civil status and family members,

Social media accounts and information about your interests and hobbies,

Preferences concerning using products and services,

Login and Password for the Site.

Also additionally, you can inform us your exact address of residence, your activity in social media and other data.

In case if you have agreed during registration, we can use your personal data in order to contact you, for example to send a newsletter or advertising materials.

Information, which you provide during submitting request for participation in promotion.

In order to take part in a promotion you need to submit corresponding request and provide Buzzaar with information concerning product, which participates in this promotion. For example your experience using this product, your preferences, your interests, indications or contra indications for using this product.

Submitted information will allow defining the possibility of your participation in a promotion according to requirements of a company ordering promotion.

We will use such information also after your participation in a promotion in order to recommend you to participate in new promotions in case we consider that you might be interested in such participation.

However, your participation in a promotion is voluntary and you define by yourself a possibility of passing your personal data to Buzzaar.

Information, which you submit during filling promotion report.

In case if you become a participant of a promotion and agree with its rules, then during promotion you will need to report to Buzzaar information concerning your experience using the product and to send photo/video and text materials on using the product, links on posts with this materials in social media.

Volume and content of submitted by you data concerning participation in a promotion is defined by rules of the mentioned promotion. You have to learn promotion rules before submitting request for participation.

2. How Buzzaar uses collected data

Information which we gather about you we use for following targets.

Buzzaar uses data in order to:

to indentify you as a Site user and provide you with Site services;

to understand how do you use the Site services and interact with them with the purpose to optimize and develop them;

to organize and to conduct promotions which includes: to choose you as a participant of a promotion, to make a contract with you according to rules of promotion, to send you samples of the product for testing, to check if you follow promotion rules, to gather and to analyze your reviews about using product samples, to prepare final promotion report;

to recommend you to take part in interesting and relevant for you promotions and also to involve into promotions new products basing on analysis of your preferences;

to interact with you, to send you informational and advertising messages as well on your email address, to communicate with you concerning our services and to inform you about our rules and terms, to answer your requests.

with your consent for defined purposes which are not mentioned above.

In case you have agreed that Buzzaar may use information about you for a defined target, you have an opportunity to change your decision at any time but that will not affect data that is already processed.

Buzzaar Services are not intended for people under 16 years of age. We consciously do not collect personal information of children under 16 years of age. In case we will find out that a child under 16 years of age has submitted to us personal information, we will take appropriate actions in order to delete such information. In case you have found out that a child had submitted to us personal information, please contact us.

3. Cookie files and other technologies of data saving

Cookie files include small blocks of text and these files are used for saving information on performance of web browsers. They allow to receive and save identification data and other information on computers, phones and other devices. For these purposes are also used other technologies, which includes data saved by web browsers or devices, identificators connected with devices and other software. In this policy all these technologies are called cookie files.

By means of these cookie files nonpersonal data is collected, which includes anonymous statistics about site visitors such as:

date and time of entering to the Site as a registered user;

username and password for entering to the Site as a registered user;

referral links.

If you do not want to use cookie files technology you can specify with your browser (for example Internet Explorer) necessary settings and in this case your computer will give you a notice each time when cookie file is sent. You can deactivate a feature of accepting cookie files at all. For this purpose you can choose in Help menu of your browser necessary settings to work with cookie files. You can find more detailed information in reference tools of your browser or device.

By using the Site you agree that Buzzaar can use statistics and cookie files for further processing through systems Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrika. And Buzzaar can pass this data to the third party for conducting researches and providing services on behalf of Buzzaar.

4. Information which Buzzaar provides to third parties

Buzzaar does not disclose personal data of the Site visitors and users to companies, organizations and private individuals who are not connected with the Site work or with organizing and carrying of promotions.

Herewith such a disclosure of information is performed only with the purposes and in volume, which are necessary in order to provide you with Site services or organizing and holding promotions for which you have sent a request.

Buzzaar also can disclose your personal data for other purposes in case if you have agreed for such a disclosure.

Exchange of information between Site users

We can provide to other registered users of the Site your accounts in social media and links on published by you texts, pictures and videos with the purpose so these users could check the data that you have submitted during registration on the Site and during submitting request for participation in a promotion and also to check if you follow all terms of participating in a promotion: if you have published product reviews, pictures and videos, if you have followed other terms listed in promotion rules.

Exchange with information inside Buzzaar group companies

Your personal information is accessible only to that company of Buzzaar group and only to those employees who are involved in providing you with Site services or functions and services which are connected with your participation in a promotion. Employees who have access to personal information have received necessary training and follow accepted in Buzzaar policies.

Exchange with information with third parties

We work with third parties who assist us in providing and improving our services.

Below you can find types of third parties with whom we can share information about you:

data analysis and measurement service (only information which does not allow to confirm one’s identity).

We do not share with partners on analysis and measurement personal data which allows to prove identity.

courier and mail companies, call centers, companies involved in information distribution and other partners.

We pass to courier and mail companies, call centers, companies involved in information distribution and other partners your personal data with purpose of providing you with our services and organizing and carrying promotions. It can be done for example for contacting you as a participant of a promotion, sending you products for testing. These partners must honor a commitment to save data in strict confidence by measures which comply the present Policy and agreements which we sign with them. These partners receive the only information about you which is necessary for them in order to fulfill their functions.

our clients – companies who order promotions.

According to rules of holding promotions you have to publish in social media and on other sites texts, pictures and videos concerning your experience using product samples supplied by our clients, who order promotions, and send us links for these publications. Also you need to fill in product review on the Site. In this review, you inform us about customer appeal of a product, your impressions while using product, about indications and contra indications for using and other information.

In our tern we can provide this information and materials to our clients – companies who order a promotion, and also can pass them your contact information with purpose of getting in touch with you or to prove the fact of delivery to you product samples for testing.

Exchange with information by order of legislation

We provide your data in case if it is required by law or court order.

We can pass your data in case of receiving official request for it, having ensured ourselves, that the request has legal grounds. But not limited to we can answer official requests sent from other countries in case if we have sufficient grounds to believe that the answer must be submitted according to legislation of this country or territory, it affects users in this country or on this territory and it is not contrary to internationally accepted standards.

Open access information

We can publish on the Site your name, last name, country of residence, texts, pictures and videos which you would submit as a report on using product samples during promotion in which you would have participated. This information will be available for all visitors of the Site.

5. How long do we save your data

We save your personal data during a period which is necessary in order to fulfill appropriately our obligations to you and to follow applicable legal requirements.

For example, we save information about your account until you delete your account. We save information submitted by you during filling request for participation in a promotion or during filling in questionnaires also until you delete your account due to the point that basing on analysis of such information we will recommend you participating in new promotions.

We also save a part of your information as and when needed in order to fulfill our legal obligations, to decide the difference, to enforce our agreements, to continue to develop and improve our services. In cases when we save information in order to improve or develop our services we take steps to delete information which identifies you.

6. Your rights

You may exercise your rights by yourself through your account settings to the point until there is a technical possibility or by sending email to the address: Pay attention that before fulfilling request we may ask you to confirm identity.

Managing your information

You can address and manage your information in your account profile. It is your responsibility to update your personal data.

Changing incorrect or incomplete data

You have a right to demand from us to change incorrect or incomplete personal data in case if you can not change it in your account profile by yourself.

Access to information and its transfer

Legislation of some jurisdictions may grant you a right to request a copy of your personal data that we save. Legislation also may bind us to provide a copy of personal data in a standard, structured and machine-readable form and/or in case of availability of technical possibility to pass this information to another supplier of services.

Saving and deleting data

We save your personal data during period that is necessary in order to fulfill appropriately our obligations owed to you and to follow all applicable statutory requirements.

You have an opportunity to delete your account on the Site by yourself at any moment. However if you are a participant of a promotion you will be able to delete your account after fulfillment of all conditions of participating in such a promotion, for example after filling in report about participation in the promotion.

Pay attention that we have a right to save and use your personal data to the extent which is required in order to fulfill our legal obligations, dispute resolutions, providing compliance with agreements, continuing to develop and improve our services. Beyond that in the case if you provide us with information as a report about participating in a promotion, in this situation we will continue to save and use this information without time limitation according to promotion participation rules.

Withdrawal of consent for data processing and prohibition of data processing

In some cases, you may ask us to close access, saving, using and processing your information if you consider that we have no respective rights for this. For example, if you think that an account was created without your permission. At any time, you may withdraw your permission for processing personal data as in full, as well as some specific data or in some particular cases. Pay attention that the fact does not affect legitimacy of legal actions on data processing, which were taken before withdrawal.

You may at any time refuse receiving advertising messages from us using link for cancelling subscription in every letter, by updating preferences in your mail box in settings menu of the account and by contacting us, as it is described below. Pay attention that you will continue receiving from us messages of non-advertising nature, for example about changes of Site Rules or current Policy.


You have a right to submit in appointing authorities for data protection claims arising from actions during work with your data.

Transfer of data

Transfer of data is an opportunity to receive a part of your information in a format which you may transfer from one supplier of services to another, in the case of available technical opportunity.

7. How we transfer information on international level

Buzzaar servers process personal data of the Site visitors from many countries. This way such information may be processed by server which is situated in other country, than a person of personal data in case if it is not prohibited by legislation of location of person of personal data.

8. Protection of data

Buzzaar guarantees to visitors and users of the Site appropriate protection of personal data during processing. Buzzaar applies legal, organizational and technical measures for protecting personal data from unlawful or accidental access and from other misconduct towards personal data including:

Access control to information systems which process data;

Prevention of access of malicious software and implant tools to information systems that process data;

Improving methods of collecting, saving and processing data, including physical protection measures in order to prevent unlawful access to our systems;

Limitation of access to personal data of our employees, suppliers and partners and also imposing stringent treaty obligations on them breaching of which will result in heavy responsibility and penal sanctions.

Despite the fact that we introduce due processes for protecting your information, neither security system is absolutely protected and we can not guarantee total protection from unauthorized intrusion to your data.

9. Final provisions

Buzzaar has a right to make changes or supplements to the current Policy in case of necessity and also in case of changes in applicable laws on personal data. A visitor or a user of the Site can always get acquainted with recent version of the Policy on the Site. By continuing to use the Site a visitor and user confirms his/her agreement with added to Policy changes.

Last edited: 23.05.2018 г.

* Buzzaar Holding Limited company controls processing of your data except in cases of:

When the Site is transferred for management to other company on designated area. In this case, such a company controls processing of your personal data;

When your data is collected and processed due to your participation in a promotion. In this case the Organiser of a promotion which is indicated in its rules will control processing of your personal data.

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