Отзывы о продукте Oral-B

The name says it all: Genius!

Страны проведения акции Malta
Автор Sammut Claudia
Оценка продукта
Лучшие качества продукта по мнению наших агентов position detection feature / proper cleaning / dentist-clean feeling /

Отзыв о продукте

The best feature of the toothbrush is that it connects to my smartphone. The position detection feature means that I would never miss a spot while cleaning my teeth. I love the feature that the brush uses a 2 minute-timer that indicates that I need to start brushing the next teeth quadrant. The next best feature is that the brush works in several modes such as whitening, gentle for sensitive teeth (which I have) and the tongue brushing. I have tried all 3 heads provided and they are all impeccable. My teeth feel fresher and cleaner just like after a visit at the dentist. I would recommend this toothbrush to everyone.