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Best toothbrush ever!

Страны проведения акции Malta
Автор Sammut Thereseanne
Оценка продукта
Лучшие качества продукта по мнению наших агентов design / position detection feature / dentist-clean feeling /

Отзыв о продукте

he Oral-B Genius 8000 comes with something totally different than other electronic toothbrushes - a smartphone app! How cool is that?! You can totally feel the difference cleaning-wise from other toothbrushes. I love the fact that it has 5 different cleaning modes and also different brush heads for different purposes such as precise cleaning, polishing and one for sensitive teeth. Another feature that I'm enjoying is the Pressure Sensor feature as it tells you whether you're pressing too hard on your teeth. It also comes with a travel case which makes it very convenient for traveling. Overall, I'm definitely satisfied with this high-quality toothbrush and it also made brushing my teeth all the more fun!