What is Buzzaar?

Buzzaar is a Word of Mouth marketing agency. Since 2009, we have been engaged in promotion through Word of Mouth marketing. We come up with the bright, exclusive promotions, attract agents to try new products from brands, and have them share honest opinions both in person with their friends and family, and through social networks. Buzzaar is represented by offices in 30 countries.

Who are agents?

These are sociable and active people whose opinion is valuable to friends and acquaintances. We call such people opinion leaders and such people we involve as Buzzaar agents.

What is buzz-kit?

This is a creative parcel, which is delivered to our agents directly into their hands by couriers. The buzz-kit contains a new items from brands, souvenirs and gifts, as well as what we call a «conversation starter» - an item or a set of items that will help you to get acquainted with the brand closer in an exciting and vibrant atmosphere.

What is buzz-party?

Sometimes we offer our customers to try a new product with their friends and organize their individual party (buzz-party). Then, as a conversation starter, we send everything needed for the organization of such a party: games, invitations, decorations, scripts, costumes elements for photo shoots, etc. In this case, meeting the brand always goes in exciting and fun atmosphere.

How the campaign is conducted?

You register for the promo you choose. If we confirm your participation in this promo campaign, we will send you a buzz-kit. After receiving the package you need to hang out gifts to your friends and test the product. In the timeframe indicated in instructions we expect you to provide a detailed report on the product testing, as well as your photos and your friends' photos with the products as a proof that the kit has been delivered to recepient. The more you tell us about the new product, the more chances you have to participate in the next promos.

How the participants selection for the campaign is conducted?

Each promo is a Buzzaar joint project with a certain brand, so agents selection conditions are different and depend on the concrete campaign. However always matter gender, age, city of residence, activity in social networks, use of this or that product, brand, etc. The selection of participants goes in several stages. The first stage - it is answers to the questions about the campaign and the product. It takes place automatically and depends on the correspondence between the answers and the criteria set in this campaign. The second stage is the study of your application, familiarity with your pages in social networks, a short interview with you on the phone. It helps us to understand whether you comply with the selection criteria for this promo. This process takes up to 14 days. After these steps the decision to confirm a person as agent is taken. We will inform you about our decision by email. Also, happens that during the campaign there appear some free buzz-kits, and we attract to participate in the promo agents who have been rejected before.


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