How to fill out an Agent Report

I got the Buzz-kit, what's next?

Congratulations on the new status of the agent of campaign! You are the first to try a new product on the market, assess the benefits and to tell the world about them. This mission Buzzaar trusts only to the socially active people we call them opinion leaders.

Opinion leaders do not chase the possibility to receive a free product, but they are much more interested in having an effect on the quality of our lives using their honest opinion. You – are the experts, connoisseurs and innovators, today your opinion - is a valuable contribution to a better life tomorrow, and the quality of products and services depends on your activity and accuracy.

You will find the directions and all the necessary instructions for the campaign in your buzz-kit.
To perform the duties of the agent, You need:

  1. 1to write a feedback on the product on social networks, and sometimes - on thematic sites,
  2. 2to fill in the agent’s report on the website

How long does it take for me to test the product?

Depending on the campaign’s subject, the product’s testing can take from three days up to one month. The detailed information about term of testing of the product, you will find in the campaign rules.

Whom and how should I distribute the gift baskets for friends from my buzz-kit?

According to the rules of the campaign, you should definitely give all gift baskets to your friends and take a photo of friends with gifts. These photos will complement your feedbacks on social networks and your report on site.

If the product has the specifics of use (eg, children's products and products for personal care), the operator will clarify the requirements for the distribution of samples in a telephone conversation. If the product has no such specificity, you can distribute the product samples to any friends, acquaintances, colleagues.

Where to find the site and fill out the agent’s report?

After the buzz-kit receiving, you will get an email with a detailed description of actions and links, following which you will get to the campaign page, where you will need to publish a report. Look for the button "fill in the report".

How to write a review in social networks?

Before writing a review, test the product and read all the information about it in a magazine. Try the product’s advantages, and how it suits you.

After the acquaintance with the new product, write about the product and its properties in details and vividly, and mention about the participation in the campaign and testing, recommend the product to friends if you like it. Attach photos with the product and with those friends, who will receive the gifts from you. Be sure to share the brightest moments of the buzz-party, if it is specified, in the rules of campaign. Finally add hashtags to the report, which are set out in the rules of the campaign, and post it in the open access.
Congratulations, your feedback is ready!

How long will it take to test the product?

In some campaigns, the agents need to write the reviews on sites with reviews, in this case we will mention this in the instructions. In a personal conversation, the operator will list the Internet resources and on how many of them you have to leave the comments (usually 1 or 2). The list of such sites and direct links to them, you can also find in the rules of campaign and in the newsletter, following after the buzz-kit receiving.

Attention! These sites are not connected with the activities of advertising agencies, so we kindly ask you to write an honest review on your behalf without mentioning Buzzaar. Otherwise, the administration may remove it from the site as an advertising. We don’t really want this!

We are pleased to put to your card the buzz-coins for each such review, so you can write a review on each site from the list. More reviews on different sites - more buzz-coins (but no more than one review for each product on the website).

What happens if I do not complete a report on the product and do not publish a post on a social network?

After the reminding, your account of Buzzaar agent falls into the black list and will be banned. Some campaigns (testing of high-value goods) you will have to return the product. Unfortunately, after that you can no longer participate in Buzzaar promotions.

Dear agents, if you still have questions and here are no answers for them in this section, you can write them in the section Contact Us. We are happy to answer them!