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My Personal Dental Hygienist at home!

Countries of the promo Malta
Author Falzon Joanne
Product evaluation
Top features of the product, according to our agents long wet-stand life battery / proper cleaning / dentist-clean feeling /

Review of the product

Sometime ago my dentist recommended to go for an electic toothbrush as my kids weren't washing their teeth properly. He suggested an Oral B. Luckily now I owe the best from the best. The Genius 8000 is like having a dental hygienist at home. From the very first use I saw the difference from the manual one. It's very lightweight and I really like the sleeker shape which makes it easy to handle and wash both inside and outside teeth. The built in indicator light is very useful when it comes to show you are brushing too hard. It also slows in speed while the light is on. The travel charger and case are an asset especially for frequent trevellers. It comes with three different head brushes and after my research I found that the heads are not so expensive compared with other brands. Ideal for a family. I need to practise more with the app cause sometimes i find it bit difficult BUT my kids managed to do so very easily. Most probably cause am not app friendly. Overall, this is an excellent toothbrush when it comes to performance. As regards to the Oral B toothpaste..... definately I won't return to other brands. All the family like it and saw the difference from the other brand which i used to buy. Thanks to Oral B for this great product!!