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Very innovative and high-quality toothbrush!

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Author Muscat Tamara
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Top features of the product, according to our agents design / proper cleaning / dentist-clean feeling /

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With it's comprehensive instruction manual and simple single-button controls, the Oral-B Genius 8000 is a very user- friendly electric toothbrush. I personally love a small toothbrush that is able to reach all corners and this toothbrush does this perfectly! Moreover, the app really helps me maintain better oral health as it tracks my habits/activity so I can go back and look to see if I have made any progress or not, am I brushing too hard etc. The only downsides to this toothbrush is that it is does not have a tongue scraper and so I find that cleaning my tongue isn't as easy as I would've liked it to be. Also, it is quite expensive and this might put off some people as price unfortunately matters. All in all, this smart toothbrush is nothing like others out there! This amazing toothbrush is really worth the money and I'm more than certain that my teeth are benefiting tremendously from this versatile powerhouse!