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Countries of the promo Malta
Author Bonanno Svetlana
Product evaluation
Top features of the product, according to our agents position detection feature / proper cleaning / long wet-stand life battery /

Review of the product

Up till a few days ago, I always used a manual toothbrush to brush my teeth. However, now that I have used the Oral B Genius power toothbrush, there is no way turning back! The Oral B Genius 8000 comes with Bluetooth technology and can be connected to a smartphone via the Oral B App. The Oral B App is a great feature which times your brushing, and provides hints for extra care. Three different brush heads are provided with this power toothbrush ranging from sensitive to deep clean and one for whitening. The battery life of the brush looks good enough too - I'be been using it for a week and haven't recharged it yet. Given my positive feedback, my boyfriend and a number of friends are willing to give this product a test too!! :)