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Definitely a genius!

Countries of the promo Malta
Author Abela Amelie
Product evaluation
Top features of the product, according to our agents dentist-clean feeling / quality / proper cleaning /

Review of the product

Before switching to Oral b genius I used to use a manual oral b toothbrush. The switch was great! every time I wash my teeth it feels I have just had an appointment at the dentist, there are also various programmes which help you clean your teeth better such as a programme for whitening or fighting plaque. The toothbrush battery life serves circa a week. I also loved the fat that the package includes aswell a travelling pouch. The pack also comes with 3 different brush heads which you can alternate depending on what you want to achieve after. the app is great as it guides you how you shall wash your teeth as recommended by your dentist. I would definitely suggest this product to others, it is a great investment. In fact I've mentioned it with some family members and friends and they seem keen to try it.