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Better than I expected!

Countries of the promo Malta
Author Marshall Marylou
Product evaluation
Top features of the product, according to our agents proper cleaning / quality / dentist-clean feeling /

Review of the product

WOW! Tooth brush is an understatement! This is a tooth SPA! It's amazing. The tooth brush connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and checks the way you brush your teeth. It tells you if you press too hard and if you managed to cover the whole area of your mouth. It records your progress and you can change settings from the mobile app. You can even change the colour of the light. It comes with 3 different heads for different brushing methods. My teeth are very sensitive and this brush didn't cause me any pain or discomfort at all. I definitely recommend this amazing new electric toothbrush to everyone out there. I only wish I had this years ago. I love my #oralbgeniusmalta2017