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toothbrush + bluetooth + smartphone = my dental hygenist in my grip

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Author Schembri Baldacchino Chris
Product evaluation
Top features of the product, according to our agents design / proper cleaning / dentist-clean feeling /

Review of the product

I am really impressed by this product. Being my first electric toothbrush, I feel I've made an excellent investment and step in the right direction toward dental hygiene. Primarily, the built-in vibrating timer helps maintain track of the 2-minute brushing rule, also aiding to allocate adequate time to each quadrant. The app provides realtime guidance and feedback on where I need to focus more during brushing, and alerts me if I am extering too much pressure when cleaning. At times when using my manual brush, I felt rather concerned that I would not be covering all sections, just like my hygenist asserted; this tool makes sure that I never miss a spot. What more do I need? It's like having my own personal dental hygenist in my grip =). There are so many more features that I am exploring! Moreover, it is super-easy to charge and battery lasts for days! Nothing beats the resultant feeling of really clean, fresh and polished teeth that the Oral-B Genius 8000 gives.