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Change the way you brush your teeth

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Author Caruana Christopher
Product evaluation
Top features of the product, according to our agents design / position detection feature / dentist-clean feeling /

Review of the product

I highly recommend using the Oral B Genius toothbrush. I was a person who hated brushing his teeth. I used to find every excuse to avoid brushing them but after using the Oral B tooth brush for the first time, this all changed. I now actually look forward to using my toothbrush. It has 4 modes of brushing catered for even the most sensitive teeth and now I can effortlessly brush my teeth the correct way. Also the Oral B tooth paste complements the experience leaving me with fresh breath every time. Another special feature I enjoyed was the Bluetooth and application that comes with the product. I can sync my toothbrush with my mobile application and change the colour the brush lights up but better than that, the application lets you know if you are brushing your teeth correctly. Ultimately, the battery life is incredible. I have been using the toothbrush for 2 weeks and still haven't charged it. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a cool and fun way of brushing his teeth.